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High Quality production from our partners in China

Even though we are experienced in managing production of both plastic- and metal parts in China, we still work continuously to improve our services to make sure that we are able to meet the requests from our clients. We have tested several new partners, and now we can offer even better services to our clients. We have daily contact with all of our partners.




On top of technical design and mechanical development in Norway, we offer mechanical production by high-end producers in China. But our prices are still among the best in the market. We offer mold production, casting, sheet metal production, painting and printing. And of course, we offer to pack up your products finished for sale if you want us to.



Produksjon-av-stoepeverktoey-(tool-making-area).jpg   Stoepeavdeling-(casting-division).jpg  

Oppmaalingsavdeling-(control-measurement-area).jpg   Verksted inspeksjon (Workshop inspection).JPG


You will use us as your total supplier, and we do all the follow-up routines until your products are delivered and approved, to the correct time and price, and with Norwegian quality assurance.


Why don’t you ask us for a quotation without obligations next time you calculate production costs, no matter if it is a re-design or something totally new?


The worst thing that can happen is that you find out that your existing supplier of tooling or casting was the best priced one in the market.
The best thing that may happen is that you find a new supplier, offering better quality for better prices.

Send us an RFQ (Request For Quote), we look forward to make you an offer.