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We deliver products through out Asian contacts to Cavotec.

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ToTech has aided MainTech with visualization, documentation and production drawings for GE Wind Energy used for User Manuals and the approval of processes and equipment.

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Initial Force

SwingCatalyst - Golf Simulator

toTech Design has helped with mechanical development, industrializing,
product documentation and quality control of production.

Initial Force is located within Gløshaugnen at Trondheim University (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway  and develops sports training equipment. This particular product is a simulator which helps golfers perfect their swing.

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Fire Safe Air Vent

toTech Design has helped with visualization and documentation with testing og production.

Securo is a young and dynamic company here in Verdal that develops and distributes fire safe products like ventilation and building materials. This Air Vent product works by stopping fire from passing through by cutting off oxygen supply to a fire. Securo has won mulitple awards for their technologies and continue research and develop other technologies within the same industry.

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HCP - ”do-it-yourself” contol panel for power outlets

toTech Design has helped with technical development, industrialization
and realization of these series of products.

This product can be installed without hiring a professional since it requires no wiring.

Produktet Home Control consists of a control panel that can be used for remote control of multiple power outlets in the same building. The outlets can be programmed to many different functions at specific times of the day or from the control panel. This type of control can also be used in controlling costs of energy use.

This product took off after appearing on the program "Skaperen" on TV2 here in Norway.

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Kongsberg Gruppen is a well known company here in Norway. One of their many locations are in Stjørdal.
We are proud to say that we have both a long time commitment with them and will continue to serve them in all future projects.
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Nortroll is one of our clients regarding products delivered from Asia.

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