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Free kick-off project meeting followed by 12 hours pilot study by 1 or 2 engineers / technical designers.



For companies and inventors that:

  • Would like to renew or develop a product or product idea further.
  • Would like to give a product or an idea a functional and cost efficient design and / or production.
  • Needs access to quality production network in Norway or Asia.



In our office at Verdal Industry Park located in Verdal, or we can visit your company.



We start with a meeting without obligations, to find out what you need. Our main focus is producibility and process choices to optimize the quality and cost for your product, including a preliminary product specification to clarify which norms, regulations and standards your product needs to meet.

If this meeting leads to an agreement, we will make a list of actions and offer up to 12 hours consulting.



We will end up with a short briefing showing what we have done, and an estimate for finishing the project. If you want us to, we will of course let you have all drawing and 3D-files generated during the 12 hours of work, for free.


Your contribution?

You represent your company, your products and services, and all of your challenges. We will be happy to arrange a meeting, for us to discuss the best ways to improve your product.



NOK 12.500,- ex VAT. Travel expenses will be added.


Kick-off offer

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