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toTech Design is an adaptable and cost efficient company offering technical product development for customers. We can take care of the complete process from idea to a finished and packed product, or just handle some parts of the process in accordance with our customers.

We have lots of experience in this business sector. We have been working with product development, product documentation and technical drawings in different CAD-systems for an average of 15 years. Our goal is to supply our customers with technical design and mechanical solutions. As a part of our goal, we also can provide manufacturing and part deliveries from China.

Mechatronics is our specialty. The combination of mechanics and electronics is our main subject. We also have experience in designing products fitting to anatomic limitations, or allow ventilation while staying water-proof. Flexibility and all round-knowledge are keywords for us, and those keywords are extremly important in our jobs.

Product Development

We will help you to create a product specification showing which directives and demands your product is expected to pass. Obviously, this also includes material selection and choosing the best suitable solutions for producing and assembling the product. We will be happy to document all different parts included in the product. If you want us to, we can have this parts produced and assembled in China or similar low cost areas. And we can take care of all the correspondence regarding tests and product controls until your parts in accordance to our product documentation. 

Our strength is that this, technical product development, is exactly what we want to work with. No one in our staff would consider working with anything else. This adds up to the fact that we always do our best to keep our customers satisfied. Our goal is that no one should be able to say that toTech Design did not do their very best to meet the clients expectations.

Put us to the test!

We would also like to mention that no projects are too small, and very few projects are too big. If you, or your company, would like to improve an existing technical product, or to consider cheaper production techniques,  or simply have a new product idea, please send an email to or call +47 900 56 192.